2020 Ecommerce digital diagnosis

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet”

Marty McFly, Back to the future.

1980 kicked off a decade remembered for its’ materialism, consumerism, the rise of the “yuppie” and their Starbucks coffee and digital technology. Forty years on 2020 to date has not been much different, with a tribe of savvy on-wine shoppers enjoying coffee culture…albeit this time at the convenience at home!

This year Coffee Lab coffee’s private label coffee clients were plunged into uncharted territory. Australian cities, known for their brew loving bean counters were the hardest hit as the decentralisation of the workforce immediately correlated in a volume downturn of coffee beans and coffee consumption. No more than in our heartland and coffee capital Melbourne. In our capacity as a white label coffee manufacturer, Coffee Lab played a key role balancing flexibility around smaller production runs so businesses could consistently deliver service and solutions to their buyers ever-changing coffee needs while managing cash flow and inventory.

Traditional B2B coffee industry leaders with foodservice businesses sought new revenue streams employing a B2C retail and online framework for home coffee solutions whilst those cafes with a Bricks and Mortar model shifted to takeaway coffees and app facilitated home delivery.  

During this period of uncertainty, the importance of brand was highlighted by home office bound e-coffee marketers. It wasn’t enough to push a bushel of convenient coffee. Those who won favour made bold and considered choices like the MTV advertisers of the 80’s, investing in both brand awareness and tech, focusing on where the consumer attention is and conversion spend with some digitising their business overnight. Creative coffee advertising that cut through the amazonesia motivated a movement of at home coffee fixes by consumers not wanting to compromise on cafe quality coffee.

With consumer attention truly transitioning from the billboards and newspaper ads of the 80’s to screen, ecommerce once an experiment, is a contagious idea cementing digital advertising as a mainstay.   Our 2020 takeaway is that the cult consumerism of coffee snobbery has now filtered to the masses with increased engagement in coffee brands and a positive growth in a brigade of home baristas.