Closed Loop Manufacturing

Pairing 140 years of industry pioneering with a state-of-the-art production facility we can provide scale, efficiency and consistency.

Fully Integrated Brambati Roastery

An icon of Melbourne’s coffee heritage, the modernised roastery delivers closed loop manufacturing to ensure coffee continually meets our quality standards.

We have a fully integrated
Brambati roastery with:

  • Green-cleaning station which prevents micro debris from entering the roaster ensuring bean sanitation, quality and consistency
  • Polygonic air filtration for cleanliness and hygiene
  • Green and roasted bean storage silos with blending stations
  • 120kg batch roaster
  • Husk compactor and pelletiser to meet our safety standards and fulfill our sustainability objectives

End to End Management

A lean management system deploying data-driven analysis coupled with stronger supplier & vendor collaboration, strengthens Coffee Lab’s ability to plan effectively and respond to changes with greater agility.

  • Leveraging Coffee Lab’s network to improve quality, service and cost is a winning formula to help assure your business success.
  • Superior network connectivity between the supplier >manufacturer > client for a collaborative customised offering.
  • Delivering strong customer demand planning, inventory control and scalable solutions, Coffee Lab delivers consistency.
  • Management expertise, smart coffee tech and supply chain transparency drives a competitive advantage whilst minimising waste.

Packaging Capabilities

Packaging is key to maintaining your branding and coffee integrity.

Our tailored approach:

  • Access to our in-house graphic design studio specialising in creative packaging execution for brand image integrity
  • Multiple in line packaging capabilities to package product in convenient and high-quality bags for aroma and freshness
  • Nitrogen flushing to preserve freshness and minimize/stop oxidation of the beans
  • Vertical form fill and seal, in-line printing and air valve insertion, 100μ, 1kg bags
  • Bag Capacity options 50g – 10kg
  • Quad and Fin seal gusset bags
  • Vacuum Pack
  • Jars – glass
  • Tins – aluminum
  • Enviro Pack Program

Quality Assurance and Research & Development Lab