High-volume vs quality. A false dichotomy

Nostalgia can be a lovely, irresistible thing. Particularly as we try to keep pace with exponential leaps in technology that are transforming traditional ways of doing things. Whether it be business, shopping, dating or work digitisation and interconnectivity have brought convenience as well as new levels of complexity. Looking back, the past can seem simpler, slower, and more “authentic”.

But this default-mode thinking is a trap – especially for businesses in competitive markets. Over-romanticising the ‘way you’ve always done things’, can lead to missed opportunities and poor outcomes.

Want to expand your roastery or outsource to an established operation? Know that digital high-volume coffee production is just as effective, if not more as scaled-back or hands-on approaches.

High-volume coffee as craft; busting the quality myth

It’s a common perception that the Artisan process results in superior quality compared with a commercial size roastery. In our experience, embracing the tide of technology – particularly the digital systems and advanced infrastructure at our fingertips as coffee roasters – does not lead to shortcuts on quality often associated with mass production. Far from it. Larger scalable roasteries are geared to consistently produce quality again and again mindful of precision and care built into the whole system, overseen by a team of humans whose passion for coffee-quality is in their DNA.

Paradoxically, high-volume capacity can actually help ensure that the spirit of an age-old hospitality tradition remains. That is; consistent, high-quality, ethically sourced coffee served with confidence, passion and a smile (and perhaps some coffee bean-banter).

A beautiful hand-operated roaster can create the perfect taste and experience in the right context, however when looking at roast information live it can be like driving looking in the rear vision mirror, posing the question can it be replicated consistently at scale?

Somehow consistency has become a dirty word when ironically, it’s what we are all striving towards and promising the customer.  Utilising the latest modern roasting technology can take the painstaking, artisan approach and apply it to a fully digitised system and applied on a large scale.

Don’t miss the boat: scale-up and embrace technology.

The future is exciting, and technology has a huge role to play in preserving the positive experiences at the heart of coffee culture. If you want to build a professional, reliable and sought-after coffee product, consistency and accountability are key. Partnering with (or investing in) a high-volume, technology-equipped roastery can help you deliver these two fundamentals. We’re not resting on our laurels though – we intend to continue investing in technologies that help us optimise production and quality, as they’re developed. Watch this space.