Quality Assurance

Living up to our promise.

New Product

With Innovation at the heart of our operations we guarantee a fit for purpose product and offer client customisation through the provision of a dedicated account manager to ensure a wholistic, streamline and efficacious partnership.

On Site Licensed
Q Graders

Coffee quality management is an integral part of our DNA. Responsible for cupping examination and sensory analysis our professional in house team come from an industry background and are certified Q Graders and Espresso italiano tasters.

Policy, Processes & Procedures

From detailed documentation of raw materials to the validation of systems and stringent control of packaging and finished product, at Coffee Lab we guarantee every batch will be a quality product.

Our framework:

  • Mastery in pre & post blending
  • Green cleaning station which prevents micro debris from entering the roaster ensuring sanitation, greater consistency and no ashy aromas
  • Polygenic air filtration for cleanliness and hygiene
  • Nitrogen flushing to preserve freshness and  minimize/stop oxidation of  the beans 
  • Husk compactor and pelletiser to meet our safety  standards and fulfil our sustainability objectives
  • Continual commitment to quality management
  • Client portal

Research & Development

A first-class facility, our in-house lab is utilised to run pre & post roast assessment with a range of equipment.

Our equipment:

Lighttells MD-500

Density & roasted beans moisture measure used to assess moisture content checks and bean density analytics in green and roasted formats


AgriPro 6095

Green Coffee Moisture Analyser

Agtron ColorTrak Machin

A spectrometer, a laser machine designed to measure light intensity and colour of roast


Endecoots Octagon2000

Green coffee sizing and ground coffee sizing agitator

Petrocini Lab Roaster 500 grams

Roast analysis artisan & star tech – software/hardware deployment for mapping roast profiles



for VST Measurement


Residual oxygen measurement instrument

Client Portal