The Upshot

Why Coffee Lab

Coffee is now as ubiquitous in Australia as vegemite and backyard cricket. This humble brew of ours has sent ripples as far as New York and London, where Aussie-run cafes have become renowned for exceptional coffee. No wonder Australian coffee drinkers expect the best. So how can your cup of coffee stand out from the crowd?

The Coffee’s Changed

As long-time coffee roasters, we see businesses struggle with the inability to provide customers with up-to-date, detailed information about their coffee. If only they could give a confident and cheerful response to that inevitable customer who asks what all baristas cringe to hear: “The coffee’s changed. What did you do to it?” On any given day, there are dozens of reasons why a cup of coffee can taste different: the machine, barista, milk, storage, source farm, debris…

Making Coffee Questions Okay

What if every time a customer had a question about their coffee, you could provide a real answer? Using Coffee Labs fully digitised quality system and advanced roastery capability, we have developed The Quality Portal. It gives coffee companies complete control. Not just vague approximations, but data and insights that considers the whole process – from farm to cup – and can pinpoint what exactly has influenced the flavour in their cup of coffee.

Access to up-to-date data about key stages in the roasting process (such as moisture content, colour, bean density) gives you the peace of mind and accountability that comes with this new level of transparency. Not only that, our quality systems and infrastructure ensure minimal variability. You’ll be proud to put your name on beans you can really call your own.  

It’s Your Coffee

You can own the roasting process without having to own the roastery. And we’re passionate about working with you to tailor beans to your customers’ needs. Are your regulars tradies stopping in for a take-away? Hipsters enjoying weekend brunch? Inner-city corporates attending meetings? The answer will determine your bean’s flavour profiles. Get it right and it will boost business. And by working together with our team of coffee and roastery experts, cutting-edge technology, and pre and post-mixing options, The Quality Portal will encourage you to  experiment with new flavours and to develop unique profiles.

What Drives Coffee Lab?

Based at one of Australia’s oldest roasteries, we’re about embracing the best of old and new approaches. Coffee Lab came about because of our obsession with creating consistent, high-quality coffee on a large scale while investing in the technology it requires. Taste will always be king when it comes to judging flavour but we back up coffee bean-quality with real-time data so you can confidently own the roasting process, boosting your reputation and helping you make educated decisions about better baristas and equipment.   

We’re driven by an insatiable curiosity about the art and science of producing high-quality coffee. We’re always learning more about the process, whether that be source-farm soils, coffee plant-types, supply chain factors, optimal storage and packaging, machinery, bean profiles, and even how different milk-types interact with particular beans. We want to trigger discussion about issues that affect the industry, such as sustainability. We seek to lift the curtain on the coffee-roasting process and provide answers where we can. We want to open up discussion, and  prompt innovation.

We apply start-up thinking in the tradition-filled setting of our 140-year old roastery. We look forward to collaborating with you.